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Are you struggling with a compulsive gambling habit? Do you know someone who can benefit from our help? You are in the right place.

At Gamblers Anonymous we provide assistance via information and resources for people to overcome their gambling habits. Wherever you are, we can find the nearest meeting place convenient for you.

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You don’t have to go through your struggle alone. At Gamblers Anonymous we have access to several groups of recovered gamblers who are willing to help people like you quit. Whether it is internet gambling or traditional casinos, we’ll connect you to professionals who will counsel you.

Meetings provide an ideal environment to share your experiences and listen to other people talk about theirs. It also lets you know that you are not alone. Being addicted to gambling does not make someone a weak person, neither does it make them morally bankrupt. Psychological gratifications usually have a strong hold on people and gambling is no exception.

At one of our accredited clinics, you will find experts who are experienced in dealing with your problem. As long as you are prepared to stop gambling, they will guide you through the journey to sobriety.

Attending a meeting; why it is important

When you attend a meeting, you meet other recovering gamblers like you. The session often begins with a short prayer that allows members acknowledge the presence of an all-knowing power in helping them overcome their addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous believes that sharing and listening to stories of other gambling addicts helps significantly in the recovery process. During each meeting, members are giving a chance to face the group and share their personal experiences. Members are also welcome to share their latest temptations and how they resisted it.

At Gamblers Anonymous, you are entitled to a sponsor who will support your steps to sobriety. They are usually a more experienced member with years of gambling sobriety. The sponsor is responsible for helping you resist temptations and keeping you away from a relapse.

Private and group meetings

There are usually two kinds of meetings; the private meeting with a councillor and group therapy. While the former is effective in helping you identify the root source of your gambling problem, it is equally important to go to group meeting and share.

If you do not know any meeting place in your area, contact us by filling our form or calling our 24-hr helpline. We also provide information on various gambling addiction treatments, including linking you with a qualified psychotherapist.

12 Step Programs

Part of the recovery process includes completing a 12 Step Programme that helps you heal. During the course of your addiction, you may have hurt yourself and loved ones along the way. The procedure guides you through self-discovery and reparation of those around you.

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