Media Enquiries

Welcome to our official Gamblers Anonymous Website. We serve the community in our own way, offering information and resources via this site to help those struggling to with a compulsive gambling problem to quit. The site also informs the professional community about problems associated with gambling, including emotional and financial effects experienced by the individual and their loved ones.

Public Service Announcement

Gamblers Anonymous provides hope and support for when a loved one has a gambling problem. Living with the consequences of someone else’s gambling problems is highly distressing for most people to go through without assistance.

Financial heartache is common and loved ones may feel lonely, scared, desperate and disappointed about the family problem.

At GA, we give self-support to facilitate recovery of anyone in this situation. In Gam-Anon, family members and friends understand the implications of gambling and are taught different ways to cope with the problem. Whether or not the gambler is willing to give up their bad habit, we help their loved ones deal with the issue in a convenient way.

We charge no dues or fees. Our site provides information about where visitors may get help.

For the media

The following is addressed to journalists, press agencies and other media bodies who may be interested in covering news related to GA and its members. It is a guideline that must be adhered strictly to preserve the anonymity of GA members.

Here at Gamblers Anonymous, we take the relationship with the media seriously because we understand how sensitive our members are, and will like the media to respect this wish. Although we encourage the publicity of our existence, we do not engage in needless promotional activities. We rely strongly on organic attraction.

We ALWAYS maintain our anonymous status, so TV appearances are out of the question and where we do not want to be recognised publicly

Gambler’s Anonymous is an anonymous group and hence does not keep personal details or records of its members, their specific gambling habits or healing progress. We can say the rate of gambling addiction is increasing continuously, so the public can be made aware of the severity of the situation.

Other important things the media should note include:

  1. We prefer our anonymity and hence cannot be recognised or have our pictures taken.
  2. We cannot ‘surrender’ gamblers or their family members for TV interviews or press inquiries.
  3. We have no opinions regarding the gambling act- our purpose is to disseminate the message.
  4. We don’t record statistics about the numbers of gamblers or GA members.
  5. We don’t have any comments on government legislations regarding gambling
  6. We advise anyone affected by a compulsive gambler to reach out to Gam-Anon (
  7. We are open to meeting with anyone willing to advise recovering gamblers or their family members. Call us on PHONEXXX for more details.

Our National GA Helplines are:




Gamblers Anonymous is self-supporting and we do not accept external contributions. We are neither political nor professional, only offering voluntary support of a former gambler to another.

For more information, contact us on PHONEXXX