Meeting List

Gamblers Anonymous Meeting List

GA meetings are held every day of the week depending on your location. There are currently over 100 meetings held each week in the UK. You will be made to feel comfortable and welcome at any of these meetings.

The ambiance is relaxed and informal, attended by both men and women from all walks of life. We do not have any specific requirements for age, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other affiliation. If you have never attended a GA meeting before, there is no need to worry, we understand how daunting a first meeting can feel. We have prepared a summarised version of what to expect.

To find out the meeting lists for your location (and the time), please refer to the addresses listed or enter your postcode in the space below.

This is only available for residents in the UK.

For those who would like to know how a typical GA meeting is performed, please read on.

For your first meeting

At some point, everybody in Gambler’s Anonymous attends their first meeting. YES, we have all been there and we know how nerve-racking it can be. However, this is a good thing because we extend a warm demeanour to all first-time visitors.

Don’t be worried, nobody will leave you standing alone in a corner. You will be greeted with a friendly smile. Remember, everyone in you meet in the room is there for the same reason as you-  help and support. They are also there to understand how to cope with habitual gambling.

Once in the meeting, the chairperson (every week, one of the members is expected to chair the meeting- but you don’t have to panic as you won’t be asked to do so- you are new). Everybody introduces him/herself. First names only so anonymity is preserved.

By now you are probably still nervous. The one thing you should keep reminding yourself is that everybody is here for the same reason. Once you have introduced yourself, you may be asked to say a little about what has brought you to the meeting. Depending on how comfortable you are, you may decide to keep it long or short.

Remember, GA is all about anonymity; what is said in a meeting, stays in the meeting. Rest assured that nothing you say will be repeated outside the room.

For new members, the chairperson appoints someone to give a ‘therapy’. This means, someone will tell you their story and how they came to GA. By now, hopefully, you should be feeling more at ease, and as the meeting goes on, you will realise that you are not alone. Everybody in the room has been through, or is in a similar situation as you are.

Depending on the procedure for that location, some GA meetings pause for tea or coffee break and some biscuits. You may use this opportunity to meet informally with other members.

The one advice you will always receive at the end of the meeting is to “COME BACK”. You are more likely to get better when you are consistent at meetings.