Your First Meeting

Do you have gambling compulsion? Are you spending beyond your means on gambling? If your answer is yes to both questions, then GA is the place you should be.

Firstly, you need to realize that you are not alone on this path. Many have gone before you, some are with you, and some will come after.

Gambling compulsion is not the worst thing in the world, and there is no reason to be ashamed of your current challenge. However, if left that way, without any intervention or step to control it, things could quickly spiral out of control and then you will have a bigger issue to deal with.

Gambling Anonymous is a gathering of people with shared interests. It is a fellowship of men and women who have made a decision to help one another overcome their compulsive behaviours and take full control of their emotions, and life.

The first step to achieving this common purpose is to attend the GA meetings, and meet other people with whom you can share your story and learn of their challenges and how they are combating them.

For many people, the first meeting is dreaded. Since people don’t usually have any idea of what is in store for them, they could develop cold feet and find themselves reluctant to take this amazing first step.

Indeed, you may also find yourself in a similar state. Preparing for your first attendance may seem a vary daunting task that you wish could just not happen.

Regardless of how nervous you may be feeling; it is important that you understand the significance of this first step.

At the meeting, you will be sitting alongside other people who have similar interests as you do. You’re not the odd one out, but a valuable part of the group. Even though it is your first time in attendance, you will be accorded the same warmth and respect as every other member of the group.

Gamblers Anonymous meeting is presided over by a chairperson who is also a member of the group. The chairperson is selected from the group at random. Therefore, anyone can be chosen to lead the meeting on any of the days.

It is not a one-man show, and that means the time will arrive for you to actively participate in the discussion by sharing your story. Everyone has a story to tell, and this is how we build the confidence of every member.

No matter how insignificant or silly you think your story is, it will help raise someone’s confidence and encourage someone in the group.

However, there is no straight pattern your story has to follow. You are in complete control of what you want to share. You can share a long story and give details. Otherwise, you can keep it short; it all depends on your level of confidence and how comfortable you feel.

There is no right or wrong in GA meeting. No one is better than another, and everyone is there to improve, so you don’t have to feel intimidated.

It is an anonymous gathering, and we intend to keep it that way. Therefore, you only introduce yourself using your first name to keep things in perspective.

GA meetings are uplifting and enjoyable experiences. You don’t have to worry about anything.

You don’t need to prepare a script of what you are going to say when called upon, let it flow. Just come and release yourself.

You could even make long-term friends and build rewarding relationships with other members.

Remember, the first step is the most important.